3 Fitness Myths BUSTED

Exercise Myths

MYTH 1. If the scales haven’t budged, you’re not making progress.

FACT. Scales do not distinguish between body fat or lean muscle. When you begin to exercise (particularly resistance), your muscle mass should start to grow and your body fat will start to decrease. So we concentrate more on your measurements then weight.

MYTH 2. Doing sit-up and crunches will deminish belly fat.

FACT. Spot reduction exercising doesn’t work. Sit-ups and crunchesc are definately great for building strength in you abs and lower back, but they have NO impact upon the body fat stored in your belly. Nutriton is the key “Abs are made in the kitchen”.

MYTH 3. The best way to burn kilojoules is to exercise longer at lower intensity.

FACT The choice is yours – exercising for longer period of time at lower intensity will burn the same amount of energy as a harder, but shorter session. Basically, the faster, you walk, cycle or swin the faster the kilojoules are being burned. Apart from saving time, the biggest bonus of training at a higher intensity (HIIT) is that your metabolism (wich determines the ongoing rate at wich your body continues to burn energy) is boosted so you continue to burn more even when to finish youre workout.

These FACTS have come from my personal experience and actual scientific research performed by numerous researchers.

If you would like to know more tips, help with your nutrition or if you would like to know how to ‘tone up’, lose weight, build muscle properly and contiously and achieve you’re health and fitness goals then…. Let’s chat.


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